Welcome to Split Screen Games LIVE!

Although still VERY new, we will soon have a booming website here with lots of cool content including exclusive videos, blogs, guest editors, and more. www.SplitScreenGamingLive.com
  • Welcome to the Split Screen Games forum. Here you will soon be able to find all the awesome split screen games for the playstation and xbox consoles. As well as the retro games you used to play. Signing up is free, and we will even soon have some discount codes for new games. :)

Welcome to Split Screen Games LIVE! [SSGL] - www.SplitScreenGamesLive.com Find Split Screen Games for Xbox or Playstation Consoles

Thanks for visiting us. I bet you randomly happened upon us and fancy clicking around a bit to see what we're all about? - We hope so...

Please checkout the main forum tab. We only have a few forums setup at the minute but they're all dedicated to helping you find good split-screen games that you can play with your partner, your children, your parents, or your frenemies. We need a bit of help getting some threads going as we're still new. So you guys can help be the foundation of what we will become. Or if that's too much pressure, perhaps just be our forum joker. :)

Head over to the main forums:-

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    Apr 5, 2019
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